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COVID-19 Update



While a lot of things seem to be returning to normal, there are still things going on in the supply chain that are causing delays. All of the major shipping companies still have warnings that shipments can be delayed. Wood has seen a squeeze in supply and therefore has started driving prices up. We are trying to stay on top of the curve to be able to offer our quality products at reasonable prices.


We are up and running with our new equipment which has really boosted our daily capabilities. We expect to be back to a reasonable lead time in about 2 weeks. Currently we are working on orders that have been with us for around 4 weeks. Thank you for your patience during these times.


Well if Covid wasn't enough, we had a pretty strong storm roll thru that knocked out our power and internet. We are still able to do some work, but it will be difficult to communicate with our customers. 


UPDATE- POWER IS BACK ON!! We have over 1500 emails we are trying to respond to! Voice mails are full. We are so sorry, we are doing our best to get caught up with the demand! New employees just started and we are hoping that makes an immediate impact on getting orders fulfilled.



Well Michigan is starting to open back up! We are currently getting some of our employees back to work and should be back to full staff within the next week. The unforeseen demand for cornhole boards during the stay at home orders combined with the usual high demand for father's day has us at capacity for orders, we are unable to guarantee delivery before father's day at this point. Please continue to be patient with us as we are working around the clock to fulfill all of the current orders as quickly as possible. We have ordered some new equipment that will eventually help us get bac on track with orders. 


As Michigan continues it's stay at home orders we continue to struggle with little parts of the job that we used to take for granted. Some of the suppliers we normally get materials from have had delays, out of stock items or have taken extended times in the ordering process. With the high demand for Cornhole boards and accessories, we are facing many challenges as we prepare your orders for shipping. We are currently unable to provide exact dates of when products will ship or guarantee any delivery dates. We are getting some of our staff back that have been home staying safe as we have made our work environment as safe as possible for our employees and customers. There are still extended waiting times for emails and return calls and we apologize about this as we are all working around the clock in the shop to get orders completed and out the door as quickly as possible. 

Although we hope there are no impacts from the Rioting and demonstrations over the weekend in our home town, we will not know the impact for a few days. More updates to come soon. 

Take care of yourselves and your loved ones during these unprecedented times! 



We have extended lead times on orders right now due to the high demand. We are based in Michigan and are still under stay at home orders. We have a very small staff at this time. We are hoping there will be no more extensions of the current order and we can get back to full staff around June 1st. If you try to call, please leave a message, or send us an email, we do not currently have anyone answering phones during the daytime hours as we are in the shop building and decorating boards. Stay Safe! 


We are still experiencing high demand for our products! Fantastic to hear that while people are staying home to stay safe that they are enjoying playing some cornhole. With our continued limitations from the Governor of Michigan's stay at home order, we are not at full capacity of staffing. Please be patient as we are working diligently to get your order out the door as quickly as possible. We are still right around the 2 week production time frame. If you call and don't reach us, please leave a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Also, feel free to email us at for questions as well. 

We have limited Pro Series Killer Bees and Cyclone bags in stock. It could be a couple of weeks before we have more inventory ready for sale.

thanks again, and hope to see you on the boards soon!

The Cornhole America Team



Due to the pandemic, we are experiencing high demand for our cornhole boards and bags. We are currently shipping orders within 2 weeks.  We are very happy that we have been able to help pass the time for so many families that are staying home to stay safe. We will continue to work hard to get your new game to you as quickly as possible. 

Thank you,

The Cornhole America Team







To our valued customers,

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently following the CDC and State of Michigan recommendations on handling the virus to provide the utmost care and protection to our employees. Our workforce is working from home during this time to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

We are committed to processing your orders, however with limited in-house staff there may be delays. In addition to that, the supply chain has been a challenge, particularly with fabrics. We do have some extended delays on cornhole bags due to delays in receiving fabric from our suppliers

We hope you understand our limitations during this time of reduced capacity, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause with your order. Customer service is available 10am-4pm EST Monday through Friday at 616-481-4254 and to answer any questions you may have concerning your purchase.

Thank you,

Cornhole America Team